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Why Zip's Auto Body?

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quality Supplies

We use only high-quality consumables for servicing your vehicles.

Expert Technicians

Our mechanics undergo rigorous training and apprenticeship before handling cars.

Authentic auto parts

We use authentic auto spare parts straight from manufacturers.

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History & Mission

Having been born and raised in Rochelle, Illinois and after fifteen years of

experience in auto body repair, Rick "Zip" Zimmerman decided to venture out on his own. In 1984, Zip rented what was known as the old Grennan Meats building on Rt. 251 in Rochelle, Illinois. This building housed six stalls for his repairs at the time. Two years later Zip purchased the old Grennan Meats building and what was known as the old Berg-Johnson Electric building. After much renovation and several upgrades throughout the years, his business has grown from a six stall repair facility to a twenty-one stall repair facility. Complete with state of the art equipment, including the most up-to-date down draft baking paint booth by ABS Systems, AKZO Nobel Sikkens computerized paint mixing system for the most accurate paint match in the business, ABS Systems Prep Station, Binks Crossdraft Paint Booth, two Brewco 360 Frame Machines to handle the repairs on any uni-body or full frame vehicles, and the Brewco 1000 Measuring System. The front office has the most current up-to-date computerized estimating system by Mitchel International and a second computer system for bookkeeping and payroll. Twice each year, Zip and his team of technicians attend classes on new techniques and factory recommended repair procedures on current model year vehicles of all makes and models so that each repair is ensured to be repaired to factory specifications and more importantly to customer satisfaction. Zip and his technicians are I-Car, ATEG, GM & ASE Certified. The advanced technology, continuing education and ongoing experience have all played a role in his past, present and likely future success of Zip’s Auto Body, Inc.. Zip’s reputation of excellence is evident by the bulletin board in his office with many before and after photos of vehicles repaired. Customers have and still come from all over the area, as well as outside the area knowing that Zip will make sure the work is done correctly. All his repairs are done 100 percent guaranteed to customer satisfaction. Estimates are free of charge. We handle everything from minor scratches to major frame straightening and my staff provides top-notch performance for any type of vehicle; light trucks, heavy trucks, foreign and domestic cars, boats, farm tractors and equipment. Zip himself has been taking care of the repair of damaged vehicles for the Rochelle people and surrounding areas since 1969. Many shops have come and gone in this area over the years, but Zip’s has beat the test of time, and will continue that for many years to come.

For all your auto body repair needs, call 815-562-5133 or stop by the shop,

which is located at 1033 South Seventh Street (Highway 251), on the south edge of Rochelle, Illinois.

Hours are Monday - Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p. m.

Closed on Saturday.

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Auto Body

Repair Facilities

  • Draft Baking Booth by ABS Systems
  • AKZO Nobel Sikkens Paint Mixing
  • ABS Systems Prep Booth
  • Binks Crossdraft Paint Booth
  • Brewco 360 Frame Machines
  • Brewco 1000 Measuring System
  • I-Car, ATEG, GM & ASE Certified Techs

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Official dealer of

Rhino Linings

Rhino Dealers that sprays the Rhino Extreme product

with a heated, 1:1 ratio High Pressure spray system.

That gives a great looking fine texture and very durable


A Rhino Liner becomes an integral part of the truck.

There are no screws, drilled holes, or clamps to come

loose. Our liner is sprayed on hot, bonds directly to the surface,

and sets in less than 10 seconds.

This forms an air and watertight layer of protection between

the elements and your truck bed, permanently

preventing paint damage, rust and corrosion.

Unlike other spray-on liners, Rhino Extreme is 100%

Polyurea. This creates a liner made of toughness,

strength, flexibility, and very good abrasion and cut

resistance - even in hot weather, adding up to the best

and most attractive truck bed protection available.

Yes, its repairable.Even if the most unlikely mishap

occurs, your Rhino Liner can be seamlessly repaired to

like-new condition.

What is Rhino Extreme?

Rhino Extreme has been developed for outdoor

industrial and commercial applications, but we also use

it for our truck linings.

What is so extreme about Extreme?

Its more durable than any other product offered by

Rhino Linings. The Extreme liner is 30% tougher than

Hard-Line, which is a very tough product developed

specifically for truck liners.

Advantages of Polyurea over Polyurethane.

Pros: Polyurea is a close “cousin” of Polyurethane.

Polyurea is very UV stable, which means it is very fade

resistant and the black liner will not change color. It is

very tough, has a higher temperature tolerance, has a

higher tear strength, and will not react with moisture

like Polyurethane. Moisture in the air will create very

small air bubbles in the polyurethane, which creates a less

dense liner. Rhino Extreme is the only 100% Ployurea

spray-on liner offered by Rhino Linings. Most other

brands spray 100% Polyurethane or a mixture (hybrid)

of Polyurethane and Polyurea.

Cons: It is expensive, but you get what you pay for.

This stuff is pit bull tough - looks great, and will stay

looking great!

What is so great about the 1:1 Ratio High Pressure

Spray System?

There are two types of high pressure spray systems,

2:1 and 1:1 ratio. To create Polyurea two chemicals

are mixed: Resin and Isocyanate (Iso). When the

chemicals mix in the nozzle of the spray gun of a high

pressure system the product starts to harden in about

5 seconds, creating Polyurea. This fast cure time

prevents the product from dripping off the rails or

sagging down the walls of the bed. The 1:1 ratio

system mixes even amounts of Iso and resin which

creates a product with superior bonding properties far

better than 2:1 systems. This means the liner WILL

NOT bubble or peel, and it will bond better than any

other liner on the market.

Why don’t all Rhino Dealers spray Extreme?

Because the high pressure spray system is required.

Not many Rhino dealers have the equipment capable

of spraying this new product.

Extreme Warranty

All Rhino Liners come with a Nationwide Lifetime

Warranty on any type of material or workmanship

defects. Your liner will be repaired free of charge if in

the unlikely event it blisters, delaminates (peels), or

cracks. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser

for the life of the truck.

For all your Rhino Lining needs, call 815-562-5133 or stop by the shop,

which is located at 1033 South Seventh Street (Highway 251), on the south edge of Rochelle, Illinois.


Monday - Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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For any automobile body repair,

your trusted neighborhood professional is here to help.

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